After over 45 years in the restaurant business, in one form or another, I thought it was time to retire. And I did in 2013. Knocked around for a couple years doing this and that including a short term consulting job in late 2015 for The Pines Country Club. During this time I hired a part time weekend cook named Jimmy Strickland.  Once he saw the challenges before us he shared that he actually was a Chef and offered to help in any way he could. I took him up on his offer and turned him loose. His cuisine amazed me as well as the members and local diners.


My job ended early 2016 and I returned to retirement status but looking for something to do part time. During my fruitless search I became aware of the building we currently occupy and of course thought of Jimmy. Besides incredible skills he possesses youth, something I would need if I am crazy enough to do this again at my age. Also catching my eye while at The Pines was Megan Derr (now Stanley). Energetic, service driven and a very organized front of the house person and again possessing youth. Sous Chef Lindsey Winship followed Jimmy and the rest, as they say, is history.

some of our favorites...

Weeksville Greens Salad
Named to pay tribute to our abundant and rich local agricultural history. A Spring Mix glorified with apples, cranberries, pecans, goat cheese and bacon tossed in our house-made white balsamic vinaigrette.
Crab Cakes
A true Maryland style crab cake made with 90% Backfin Crab and just enough other ingredients to bind the deliciousness together. A recipe I have used for 40 years.
Shrimp & Grits
No two places make them the same way! Our recipe created by our former chef, is truly unique featuring Carolina Gold Rice grits, black eye peas and Tasso Ham and of course large sweet shrimp and more. Many claim they're the best they've ever had and our number one seller!
Smokehouse Burger
A house specialty, made with Angus Chuck and Short Rib ground beef blend. Thick apple cured bacon, cheddar cheese. However, the defining ingredient is our house made Tobacco Onions! Born in the kitchens along Tobacco Road and low country SC and named due to their similar appearance to the brown curly dried tobacco leaves.
The Hoppin' Johnz
A traditional low country dish featuring black eyed peas, Carolina Gold rice with a rich ham broth and topped with lean fork tender pig cheeks. (And a cool name for a southern cuisine restaurant!)

a little about us...